A Writer’s Life

Last year was a strange year. I was home from work for several months during the worst of the pandemic and thought I would get a lot of writing and editing done in that time. I definitely picked up some crafty hobbies, like miniature building, and worked a lot on my blog, but my novel felt like…work. Like, I needed to prove I was still a productive citizen of capitalism. And honestly, I think that period of time was a gift in some ways in that it allowed a lot of people to rest and reset. (While simultaneously revealing a lot of devastating structural flaws in our system of government.) At the end of the day, I’m not going to stress myself out over not enough work time put in. I managed to keep my mental health in a relatively good place and that’s really enough for me. I have been trying to put more of an effort into my writing and editing lately and thought I’d share some writerly memes that have made me laugh and kept me sane.

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