Breaking Bread

Yesterday, I logged into Facebook – something I rarely do anymore – and wondered if I’d accidently joined a Homesteader Group in my absence. Nearly every one on my Facebook wall was baking bread! And no, you didn’t read “Breaking Bad” wrong. It seems we’ve all collectively gone back in time, past the age of streaming television and straight into Little House on the Prairie.

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How is Asking for Help a Sign of Strength?

I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, but when I was setting up my website, I had no idea how to set my blog as the main content of the site.  I spent about an hour fiddling around in my settings, growing increasingly frustrated, but determined to do it on my own.  Then my friend John, who had a WordPress  account of his own, sat down and did what I hadn’t accomplished in an hour in about two minutes.  Could I have saved myself some frustration and used my talents in a more productive way?  Of course.  So what was stopping me from asking for help?

Well, what stops anyone?

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