2021 Intentions

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. And while it’s been unpredictable and tumultuous for me as well, it’s resulted in a lot of personal and professional growth. I feel really positive and hopeful going into 2021 and anticipate a lot of major life changes. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, but I’d like to set a few intentions for 2021.

Finish My Teacher Certification!

I’m two months into my teacher certification program, with four more months of course-work to go before student teaching. In addition to working a full-time job, the course-work has been so demanding. Even though I know it will make me a better teacher in the end, I’ll definitely be happy when it’s done. Of course, I’ll have lesson planning and grading to worry about then, so maybe I’ll just find something new to complain about haha.

Be More Active.

I’ve had trouble with eating disorders in the past and though I’m currently at my highest weight, the thought of “dieting” and “exercise” and unsolicited health advice from strangers and well-meaning family members is enough to send me spiraling. But! I would like to move more in the new year. As a writer and someone who teaches online, I tend to get glued to my computer and spend way too much time sitting and stuck in my own head. I’d like to go out for more walks and hikes and get a dose of fresh air and serotonin. I have a little camping trip planned for next week in the Catskills, so hoping to get a good hike or two in.

Finish My Book.

While 2020 wasn’t a terrible year for me – you know, besides the whole pandemic thing, I definitely got discouraged about my writing and put off finishing my book. I have about 80k of words that need shaping and some scenes that need to be added or cut and like…a story arc? More plot tension? Between work and school, I’d ideally like to spend one or two days a week working on it. I host a tiny, informal writing group twice a week, but sometimes end up chatting and not writing, so maybe I just need to put my head down and work! Also, maybe I need to get some readers for it?

Write a Children’s Book and Get It Illustrated.

One thing I got way into in 2020 was TikTok. I’d previously written it off as “that dancing app” that my younger sister is on, but I’ve found so many awesome craft projects, teaching tips, and cool content on there! TikTok introduced me to the Fiverr app and I really want to write the idea I’ve had for a children’s book and have it illustrated by an artist on there. I think I would skip the traditional publishing route and just self-publish it as an ebook on Amazon.


This is a big one! I definitely have somewhere in mind that I’d like to move, but I’m afraid to jinx it by talking about it too early. I want to save some more money in the first half of 2021 and move out in July or August. As someone who’s used to moving from place to place, this is the longest I’ve been in one place for a while. I’m definitely ready to see somewhere new.

Explore More / Travel More / Go on More Mini-Adventures.

Covid has taken its toll as far as travel goes. I’ve only been to Boston to visit my Aunt in September (socially-distanced edition) and to New York City a handful of times. While moving out might not allow financing for a ton of travel in 2021, I would love to take more little side-trips or “mini-adventures”. I live right outside NYC and there are so many things to do!

Marie Kondo my stuff.

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder exactly, but I do love having things. In particular, books, clothes, skin care, toys, and stationary. I’d like to do a major overhaul and try to streamline what I own. I cleaned out my closet last week and it’s been so nice to not have an overflowing wardrobe. I’d also like to be way more intentional about the purchases I make going forward. Will I use it? Will I wear it? Is it wasteful? It is eco-conscious? Do I need it? In the Internet age, it’s all too easy for someone with no impulse control to go overboard.

Manage My Finances.

I’m really looking to buy a house in the next couple of years and pay down my massive student debt. So, I’d really like to start building my savings and investments and making wiser choices. Despite the pandemic, I’ve done fairly well with my finances this year and I’d like to continue that trend into 2020.

Rescue Another Cat.

When I move out next year, my cat will go from a pair of two to a party of one. She’s very active and playful and I’d like to get her a high-energy companion so she’ll have someone to entertain her while I’m working. Really, I’m buying a pet for my pet.

What are everyone else’s intentions/resolutions/goals for 2021? Do you have any of the same goals as me? Do you not set New Years resolutions? Share with me in the comments and….

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “2021 Intentions

  1. Leigh, I self-published with Amazon (Create Space) in 2011 and it was easy, even for me) My book may still be on there. “Don’t Forget the Toilet Paper.”

    Gerry Clare

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