Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Should Be Netflix Shows

Top Ten Tuesday is a tag meme hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is “Books That Should Be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies”. This tag was submitted by Nushu at Not a Prima Donna Girl. This was a really fun tag and I found I already had most of the answers in mind already! There are so many books I’m dying to see on my TV!

I could see Gideon the Ninth being adapted as a Knives Out / And Then There Were None type murder mystery, but ya know, with lesbian necromancers in space! Even though it’s a series, I think the first book would do well as a one-off film.

City of Ghosts would be really awesome as a Locke & Key-esque adaptation, aimed at the teen audience. I think it would really be great a series as each book is set in a different place – the first book Scotland and the second, in France.

The Uglies series could easily go wrong if they didn’t have the right special effects and costuming, but I think it would translate really well to a series of movies like The Hunger Games or Twilight. I would love to see this world come to life!

The Lockwood and Co. books are just begging to be made into a streaming series. I think they’d have a similar feel to A Series of Unfortunate Events or Artemis Fowl. It would also have that classic flavor of the old Ghostbusters films, as the books are about ghost hunters. I would love to see these characters come to life!

This would be a great one-off movie, similiar to Lord of the Flies or The Beach (with Leonardo Dicaprio). I can see it as a creepy, slow-moving thriller/horror movie, set at a girl’s boarding school on an isolated island.

If Guillermo Del Toro doesn’t make Mexican Gothic into a Crimson Peak-esque horror movie, what is he even doing? I think his flair for imagery and the grotesque would be a perfect fit for this gothic horror book. I could see this being in theatres more than on a streaming service.

This would be a really cute romantic comedy movie, a la The Kissing Booth or The Half of It.

Mostly, I want The Raven Cycle adapted because I want to see Stiefvater’s characters come to life. I think this could be a four-season streaming series, in a similar vein to The Society meets The Outer Banks.

I could see Every Heart a Doorway as a movie similar to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children meets Alice and Wonderland. I would love to see the different fantasy worlds in this come to life.

Six of Crows would be rollicking fun as a high-stakes heist movie, similar to National Treasure and Oceans Eleven. I would love to see all the characters and the city of Ketterdam on the big screen!

Would you like to see any of these as TV shows or movies? What books would you like to see as TV shows or movies? Have you done this tag? Link me in the comments if so!

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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Should Be Netflix Shows

  1. I would LOVE to see Lockwood & Co as a Netflix show – horror and the snarkiness of the team would be fabulous… And you’re also spot on about Mexican Gothic – it would be marvellous! So much better as a story than The Colour of Water, which though was beautifully acted and produced, was ultimately a lame, lame, lame story!


      1. I know – though it’s taken me a while to be able to face mushroom again – I really don’t want to be put off them by SEEING them, it was bad enough reading about them:)).

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  2. I have not read them yet but I agree with you on Mexican Gothic, Wilder Girls and City of Ghosts. I believe they should all be adapted! And of course Six of Crows would be amazing!

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  3. Six of Crows is coming! Can’t wait for it. It’ll be a whole Grishaverse thing not limited to The Six of Crows duology, though. I do think The Raven Boys would be awesome, too!!


    1. Whooooaaa! Why didn’t I know this? I knew they were doing Shadow and Bone, but did not realize Six of Crows too! Omg, so excited! Thanks for sharing!

      And yes, Raven Boys would be fun 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! x


  4. Cool choices! I debated putting Every Heart a Doorway on my list, but I’d be so afraid that they’d mess it up and make it too juvenile. Sometimes I love when my favorites get adapted to the screen, but sometimes it just fills me with dread…


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