It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Hurricane Isaias rolled through the East coast last week, taking down lots of trees in our neighborhood and causing a ton of power outages. We were lucky to be spared from losing our power and suffered no real damage, unlike the storm last year that spirited our gazebo off. I’ve been busy keeping up with Momo (my new kitten), which has cut into my reading/writing time quite a bit.

I’ve also not been having the best luck with reading sequels. I wonder if it’s the YA market pushing multi-book series that has led to so many poorly-executed second books or if second books just fail to recapture the freshness and excitement of the first book. Have any of you felt like this?


I’ll be honest, The Crow Rider sunk me into a bit of a reading slump. I still enjoy the world-building and concept for this series, but nothing happened in the first eighty percent of the book. The series and big climax all happened in the last part of the book, but I nearly gave up reading several times before that.


I’d planned to read The Friend Scheme next, but Harrow the Ninth is out, so everything else is irrelevant. I’m only a few pages in, but I’m really excited for this sequel!


I pushed The Friend Scheme back a week, but really excited to read this one too!

How’s everyone’s week going? What are you currently reading or planning to read? Have you read any of these books?

Until next week,

3 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR

  1. I feel like that about sequels all the time! So often I just feel meh about them and I have to really motivate myself to read them sometimes – the excitement of learning about a new world just isn’t there. I wish more fantasy series could just be stand alone stories.
    Also, the cover of Harrow the Ninth looks very interesting!

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    1. There are at least three sequels to books I really enjoyed that I’m putting off reading for this very same reason. *sigh* Glad someone feels the same.

      And yes, I love the cover of Harrow the Ninth! Thanks for commenting! x

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      1. Yeah, I have a few I’m putting off. I quite liked A Curse so Dark and Lonely, especially the character Grey who I do want to read more about and yet even knowing that the sequel A Heart so Fierce and Broken focuses more on his character and having enjoyed the previous book, I’m still real wary about reading it!

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