The End Of The World Book Tag

This tag was created by iLivieforbooks. If you’re interested, go check out her Youtube! I thought this tag seemed apropos, considering the current pandemic. It was really fun to try and think of books for this!

1- Earthquake: What’s your favourite book with multiple perspectives?

I love anything by Leigh Bardugo – but Six of Crows is a favorite. I loved how fleshed-out the multiple POV characters were and how all the threads of plot came together.

2- Asteroid: Which book have you read where you saw the plot twist coming?

Another book with a gorgeous cover and great concept that was just so-so. I could see all the twists coming and the insta-love was just not it for me.

3- Epidemic: What book does everyone seem to have that you have no interest in?

I’m just not interested in Cassandra Clare’s books. I’ve read some of them and the world and the characters all start to sound the same and sort of blend together in my mind. I’d love to see her explore something outside the Shadowhunter world.

4- Tsunami: Which book has just flooded your thoughts? You can’t stop thinking about it.

This book just consumed me. I love getting immersed in a creepy gothic horror book. When you read at night and every creak of your own house sends you jumping.

5- Alien Invasion: What is your favourite Sci-Fi novel?

I mean if you follow my blog, you know how much I love this book. Just *chef’s kiss*.

6- Artificial Intelligence: What’s your favourite book that you’ve read on technology instead of an actual book?

I haven’t actually read this book yet, but couldn’t think of another book that fit the bill. I’m really interested in Crispr technology so I’d love to read this book.

7- End of the World Movies: Which book adaptation are you most excited about?

The Grisha trilogy is coming to Netflix! It’s going to be a while until it’s done filming, but I’d love to see this series come to life!

Have you done this book tag? If so, link me to yours in the comments so I can check it out! Have you read any of these books?

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