Momo Monday

Momo is ten weeks old this week! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in seeing her grow up. Momo appreciates all the love! x

She’s grown so much from the little fluffy nugget I first saw. Her eyes have changed color, she’s gotten lankier and less spiky looking.

Baby Momo (pre-adoption)

She still has a TON of energy and we are struggling to nail down a night-time sleep routine that works for us. But she sleeps a lot during the day.

My bed seems to be her own personal playground. She drags her toys onto it to play at night. She has a crinkly ribbon from a friend at work that’s her new favorite toy.

She’s getting bigger, though I’ve yet to weigh her, but she’s probably between one and two pounds. She really enjoys sitting in the window and watching the birds.

How’s everyone’s week going? How are your pets?



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