Momo Monday

Just wanted to post a few new pictures and some updates on Momo for anyone that’s interested!

Momo is now nine weeks old! I calculated backwards and while I don’t know the exact date of her birth, she was born right around my birthday (May 30th), so she’s a Gemini! Which definitely fits – as she has a soft side and a crazy side.

Her eye color is gradually changing. All kittens have blue eyes, but it looks like hers might be green! I also have green eyes, so I love this 🙂

Momo has been very active as she gets used to her new surroundings. She’s gotten into the bad habit of biting. It doesn’t hurt at this age and is most likely because she was separated from her mom and siblings too soon and didn’t get that necessary play. But I’m trying to replace my fingers with her little toys, so she gets out her energy without biting (as it will hurt as she gets older).

She’s had a little tummy trouble, so I have her on another round of de-worming medication and she seems to be doing better. She had a lot of fun when my friends visited last week and she slept the whole night through after they played with her.

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