Photo Prompt Friday: Photographs That Look Like Paintings

I love the places where art intersects – the conversation that occurs between different art forms. How paintings can inspire photographs and photographs can inspire writing…

How do art and photography inspire your writing? Do you see your scenes in your mind like stills from a movie? Do you develop your characters’ physical attributes from photos of models or celebrities?

Photo by: Smagina Margarita
Serge N. Kozintsev
Travis Chantar
Nima Benati
Nima Benati
Christy Lee Rogers
Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk 
Bill Gekas
Helen Sobiralski
Andrei Yakovlev
Christian Tagliavini
Casper Faassen 
Bella Kotak
Inge Prader
Inge Prader
House of Enid
Michael Oliver Love

How can these gorgeous photographs speak to and inspire your own work? What is it about these pictures attracts your eye? How can you translate sumptuous images into lush prose?

As always, leave me a comment and link me if these photographs inspire any art or writing!

Until next time,

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