Photo Prompt Friday: Yin & Yang

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang symbolize balance between contrasting, but complementary forces. Light and dark, male and female, summer and winter, old and young, black and white. The following photos beautifully illustrate that concept.

Source: Bettababies
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Source: Forbes
Photo by: Parri Thomas
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Photo by: Gregorio Borgia, AP
Photo by: Laura Makabresku
Photo by: Kasia Bielska
Photo by: Takako Ugachi 

How can you find balance in your writing? Is your pacing too fast or slow? Can you change your ratio of action scenes to character-building scenes? How do you antagonist and protagonist both repel and attract one another? Do any of your characters have an enemies-to-lovers relationship, a case of opposites attract? How can using duality in your writing improve it?

Hope you guys find these photos thought-provoking! As usual, drop me a comment and link me to any art or writing this may inspire.

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6 thoughts on “Photo Prompt Friday: Yin & Yang

  1. I don’t know if I would agree that Yin and Yang have much purpose in the art of writing, apart from the writer’s expression to captivate and delight the reader. Delight by definition is the overbalanced succulent indulgence to the cost not the balance of an opposing element. Just saying. Now while I love the magical weave of your words Leigh, I find to delight me writing must be, in not informative then certainly confrontational with a fairly crafted challenge as opposed to steamrolling.
    BTW fantastic photographs. Keep the blogs coming.

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