Photo Prompt Friday: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Angels – unknowable, powerful, beautiful – they’ve long captivated my and others’ imaginations. They have been depicted in many ways throughout time – from chubby-cheeked cherubim to ageless creatures with long flowing locks and feathered wings. Angels can be messengers or avengers, guardians or monsters. For today’s photo prompt Friday, write a story or a poem about an angel or angelic being.

What are angels’ personalities like? Cold, aloof and indifferent like the Gods? Or overly interested and curious about the human realm? Are they men, woman or agendered? How does flying work physically? Do they have hollow bird bones so their wings can support their weight? Do they frequently break their bones? Do they wear clothing and if so, what does it look like? Can they blend in with humans? Do they radiate light? Are they terrible gossips? Are they frightening, beautiful…or both?

Icarus by Kai Carpenter
St. Michael by awanqi
Azrael by Peter Mohrbacher
crimson chains on tumblr
Preparing to Sound the Alarm by Thomas Blackshear
SERAPHIM or SERAPHS by Jericho Penilla
Angel by Abbott Handerson Thayer
Archangel by Donato Giancola
Fallen Angel by Alexandre Cabanel
Lyra Dawnbringer by Chris Rahn
The Dominions by awanqi
Azazel, Angel of Sacrifices by Peter Mohrbacher

I hope these beautiful pictures help spark the thread of a story or idea. I’ve missed doing photo prompt Friday, so it was really fun to do this one!

As always, leave me a comment or note because I love to hear from you. And if this post inspires anything, please link me to your work. I’d love to read it!

Love always,

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