Photo Prompt Friday: Ethereal

Photos and images can have a weight or a weightlessness, a heaviness or softness. How do you convey weight (or lack thereof) in writing?

How do you capture those scenes or characters that are flimsy and delicate, like smoke or breath or a butterfly’s wing? How do you capture those fleeting, ephemeral moments that are there one minute and gone the next? Those sun-spangled afternoons of a childhood summer or the tenderness of a first love? Those dreamy, surreal moments where the world seems to soften, where your body feels weightless?

Photo by: Betina du Toit
Photo by: Peter Cox. 
Photo by: Tada Varich
Photo by: Bruno Aveillan
Photo by: Sasha Gouliaev
by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Photo by: Ruo Bing Li 
Zena Holloway
m h on flickr
photo by: margaret__zhang
Kim Keever
Photo by Kaitlyn Mikayla
Photo by: Jackie Nickerson
cong he at preen by thornton bregazzi
Photo by Sølve Sundsbø
Photo by: Jvdas Berra 
Photo by: Unknown

Society often teaches us that to be delicate and feminine, you must be waif thin and white. How can you challenge these cliches in your writing? For example, how can you write feminine male characters? Soft athletes? Weightless plus-sized characters? How can you subvert stereotypes about race or gender or sexuality?

I hope these photos will prove fruitful for your writing! Are there any topics you’d like to see me cover in Photo Prompt Friday? Drop me a comment below so we can discuss!

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