Dark Academia Book Tag

I just learned about Dark Academia aesthetic, which is basically murder boarding school or university…And I’ve really loved all the books I’ve read that fall under this umbrella, so I was excited to find this tag!

This book tag was created by Emma from * e m m i e *  and Carolyn from CarolynMarieReads.

• What is your favourite “academia” or “dark” book + movie? 

The Secret History by Donna Tartt, although I also love Tana French’s The Likeness. Cracks is an amazing, completely underrated film as far as I’m concerned.

• What dead poet would you like to have a drink with?

Mary Oliver and W.S. Merwin, two of my favorite poets!

• What is your favourite painting and/or sculpture?

“Springtime” – Pierre Auguste Cot and “Abel Mort (Death of Abel)” – Vincent Feugère des Forts.

• What is your favourite architectural marvel?

The Apollo Gallery at the Louvre in Paris, France.

• What Shakespeare play would you want to be the lead in?

painting by John Everett Millais

Ophelia in Hamelet.

• How many languages do you speak and which language would you most like to learn?

I speak French and a little Japanese, but would like to learn more Japanese.

• What is your favourite quote (from poetry, prose, plays, etc.)? 

This quote from the poem Scheherazade by Richard Siken. I have part of this quote tattooed on me.

• Which fictional character’s death is your ideal way to go?

Sirius Black slipping through the veil in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix seemed pretty quick and only momentarily painful.

•What university/college would you most like to attend?

University of Oxford. I love the city of Oxford – the architecture and museums, bookstores and rows of bicycles. And the fact that some its libraries feature in the Harry Potter movies doesn’t hurt!

• What is your murder weapon or murder method of choice?

This Persian dagger or a poison snuff-box ring.

• What mythology would you most like to a part of?


• If you had to do a PhD, what would you choose to do it on?

Phd in English Literature.

• Which fictional character would you die for?

My baby, Ronan Lynch from Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle.

Leather bound or cloth-bound books?


Dog-earing pages or highlighting pages?


Sculptures or paintings?


Piano or violin?


Films of Theatre?


Poetry or prose?


Museums or bookshops?

Museums and bookshops.

The smell of books or the smell of coffee/tea?

The smell of Coffee or tea.

Fountain pen or typewriter?


New or used books?

Used books.

This was such a fun challenge! Has anyone else done this tag? Share it with me in the comments, if so! x

Until next time,

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