Photo Prompt Friday: Unbelievable Natural Landscapes

There are some places in the world that seem too beautiful to be true. They’re more like locations in fantasy books than naturally occurring phenomena on our planet! What appeals to you about these photos? Is it the vibrant colors? The desolation? The natural beauty? What do you find surprising? Strange? Other-wordly or surreal? Try to incorporate some of these elements into your next story.

Source: Jia Mi
Source: Unknown
Source: Earth Trekkers
Source: Imagine China
Source: Stefen Foster
Source: Inge Johnsson
Source: Ahmet Sahin
Source: Denis Budko
Source: Will Ho
Source: Heirun Homburg
Source: Danilo Dungo
Source: Alexey Trofimov

** I sourced many of these beautiful photos from this post on Elite Readers.

I hope these image prompts get your creative juices flowing! Or, at the very least, leave you in awe of the natural beauty of our world.

As always, leave me a comment or link me to your story, poem or other work inspired by these photos!

Stay writing,

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