Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party

Top Ten Tuesday is a book tag created by The Broke and the Bookish and hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader. This week’s prompt is “Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party”. I think this is such a cute theme and it really made me think…

1. Decorations!

First and foremost are decorations! Having a great party means striking the right mood. We want to transport the party-goers to a different place, just like when you read a book. The theme should be clear and present throughout. (In this case – books!)

2. A Book-themed Photo Booth.

Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

Half of living in the modern world is documenting and sharing it. If you don’t have a picture, did you really even go? A Photo booth would be the perfect addition to any bookish party. I love this one Ransom Riggs had for “A Map of Days”. Maybe a Game of Thrones style chair made out of books?

3. Literary Mad Libs/Mash.

When I was younger, we had a party version of Mad Libs meets Mash. My parents or a party leader would fill paper bags with pre-written words. You had to choose a verb from the verb bag, an adjective from the adjective bag and so on… And that’s how I ended up with my future career of “chicken farmer” and my main mode of transport as “unicycle”. This game is really fun, unpredictable and can lead to some hilarious results!

4. Introvert Recharging Station.

When a whole bunch of introverts and book nerds get together, the festive environment is bound to get overstimulating for some. I know when I attend book festivals like Bookcon, even the promise of free books can stop getting enticing after a while and I need to sit in a quiet corner with a book, recharging my phone. I love this little Book in Bed in Ikebukuro, where you can read, sleep and recharge your batteries.

5. Charcuterie Boards.

Nothing says party food to me like a nice charcuterie board. It’s colorful, it’s healthy and you don’t need a fork and a knife to enjoy it. It’s not as heavy or messy as American party favorites like seven-layer nachos, spinach dip or chicken wings. Plus, you have the added bonus of feeling fancy and French when you say the word “charcuterie”.

6. Tea & Coffee Bar.

If you’re anything like me, tea and coffee keep you running. (Also, you probably have an unhealthy obsession with cool coffee mugs.) A tea and coffee station with dairy and non-dairy options will be the perfect enhancement to any party.

7. Let Them Eat Cake!

What’s a party without a cake? Doesn’t matter what we’re celebrating. We celebrate with sugar! I’d suggest a book-shaped cake to keep with the theme, but fondant tastes terrible and honestly…funfetti/confetti cake is everything.

8. Bookmark Craft.

Is it even a party if there’s not a craft project? My mother was an art teacher, so maybe I’m biased, but I love adding a theme-based craft into a party. Making bookmarks with quotes or pictures from favorite books would be fun and come in handy later.

9. Book-Themed Playlists

A lot of authors write with music in mind or write along to music. A well-curated Spotify playlist can really set the mood and aesthetic for a book (and a party!). Having party-goers submit book-themed playlists would be a fun way to include everyone. You could also have party-goers guess what playlists are for which books and win a little prize!

10. Book Swag Bag

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but gifts soften the blow. While “goodie bags” are a thing of childhood past, adults love free stuff too! A bookish swag bag would be a really inventive party favor. Pens, buttons, books, notebooks, chapter samplers, stickers, temporary tattoos and an organic cotton carry-all would all be a perfect for your parting gift.

What would you have at your bookish party? Have you done this prompt? Link me if you have!

Until next time,

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party

  1. Ooh a book themed photo booth is such a good idea! And I love the literary mad libs as well. And absolutely agree that there has to be cake! I like the introvert recharging station too. And a bookmark craft station is fun as well!


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