Travel Throwback Thursday – Holland, the Netherlands

Back in 2017, after I’d finished my teaching contract in South Korea, I spent a few weeks traveling in Western Europe. One of the places I fell in love with was the Netherlands – it was so charming and quaint. And while I spent the requisite time in Amsterdam, I was charmed by Holland (a province in the Netherlands). It was like something out of a storybook – wooden clogs (klomp), wheels of golden cheese, tulips, farm animals and windmills! Oh my!

I took a little day trip to visit Marken, Voldendam and Zaandam.


Marken was the cutest village ever! I love the characteristic wooden houses in this small fishing town. I would love to live on this peninsula of 2,000 inhabitants. Got to watch some clogs being made, which was very cool. Wooden clogs, the elegant but less comfortable predecessor to Crocs.


Had some lunch in the harbor village of Volendam (fish of course!) Also watched a cheese demonstration and sampled a few (read a ton) of cheeses.

Zaanse Schans, Zaandam

Zaanse Schans is perhaps the most “famous” place I visited, a tourist town known for their windmills and Dutch crafts.

I think most of these places are “display” towns for tourists and don’t have the thriving communities they used to, but it was great to get a peek into traditional Dutch life. It definitely put me in the mood to read some fairy tales!


Have any of you ever been to the Netherlands? What were your favorite parts? Is the Netherlands on your travel bucket list?

Stay Safe and Stay Home,

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