Photo Prompt Friday: Fantasy Art

The greatest fantasy art tells a story without words. You can feel the setting, see the emotions on the character’s face, smell the sea or the woods. Great art transports you. What story are these works of fantasy art telling?

Monica Antonie Meineche on Art Station
Andrew Bosley on Art Station
Julie Dillon
Silence by Unodu on Deviant Art
Julie Dillon
Winter by Lois van Baarle on Art Station
Hibernate by Sen Baek on Art Station
Luke Plunkett on Kotaku
su jian on Art Station
Niobe: She is Death #1, Artist: Sheldon Mitchell

As always, leave me a comment if you found these photo prompts interesting or if it inspired you to write anything!

Happy Friday,

6 thoughts on “Photo Prompt Friday: Fantasy Art

  1. Some beautiful pictures. So wish I could draw. How did you day go with the ladies. Good weather tomorrow so I’m hoping to get out on a bike.

    Smiles friend.

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