Top Ten Tuesday: Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

Top Ten Tuesdays are a prompt started by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This Tuesday’s prompt is “Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names”. This was a really fun and a great challenge.

Genre: Indie Rock/Emo/Pop-punk

Sounds like: Tigers Jaw, La Dispute, The Front Bottoms

The Band: Five White dudes dressed in flannel, hoodies and ripped jeans. Probably ride fixed gear bikes. At least two have a hipster mustache. One is your regular barista. Played at your local college coffee shop.

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Post-punk revival

Sounds like: The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes, The Killers

The Band: Four White dudes with long, unwashed hair, leather jackets and graphic tees. At least one of them lives off daddy’s trust fund. You saw them at a warehouse in Brooklyn once, where one of the members bored you with a discussion about craft beer.

Genre: Pop Rock/Indie Rock/Electronica

Sounds like: MUNA, The Aces, Shura, Broods

The Band: Three white girls and a Black girl. Goes without saying they are feminists. Two thirds of the band are LGBTQIA. At least one proudly displays armpit hair. Another has pastel purple hair and a nose ring. You met them at a Poetry Slam sesh. You’re a little bit in love with the lead singer.

Genre: Alternative Metal/Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Sounds Like: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against the Machine

The Band: Three white dudes and a black guy. Vintage bowling shirts over graphic tees, straight leg, distressed jeans and combat boots. Long hair, don’t care. Nail-polish. Subversive, anti-government lyrics. The band your boyfriend drags you to whose audience is approximately 95% dudes. He gets aggro in the mosh pit so you hang by the bar and get a little too drunk and flirt with the female bartender.

Genre: Alterative Rock/Indie Pop/Art Pop

Sounds Like: Billie Eilish, King Princess, Fiona Apple

The Band: One front-girl with a backing band. Long hair, sleepy bedroom eyes, vintage clothing that mixes masculine and feminine, unironically wears a flower-crown. Looks great in a tailored suit. Soulful voice that puts you in the feels. You go to see her at a small venue after you break up with your first love and spend most of the time in the bathroom, crying and being comforted by five random girls who are like..totally your best friends now.

Do you guys think these are good bands names and fit the band descriptions? Have you done this challenge? Link me to yours if so!

*Also, I realize this is a top ten and I only posted five! Comment if you’d like to see five more!*

Stay safe and stay healthy,

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

  1. Okay, but like Renegades with that craft beer 😄 omd, do you think they’d have a craft beer with their band name and then try to get ‘fans’ to buy it?
    The Nowhere Girls sounds like a dream – I also wanted to use the book, but decided to not to go over the allotted ten by too much – as usual.


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