Friday Photo Prompts: Doorways

Whenever I’m in a new place in my travels, I love to look at doorways. Doorways can tell you a lot about a place. Are they open or closed? Thin or heavy? Old or new? What colors are they? How tall or short? Are they simple or ornate?

But beyond their physical appearance, I think doorways can serve as metaphors. Doorways represent possibility. They represent potential for change. They could be beginnings or endings. Portals between one world and the next or even dead ends. Doorways can be invitations or, as with some vampire stories, obstacles. Doors can make you feel safe or fill you with dread…

For today’s photo prompts, I’d like you to imagine where these doorways might lead. Or if you want, imagine a doorway in your own story. How can these photos help bring it to life? Is your doorway wood, stone or metal? Does it have an interesting knocker? Does it squeal or groan when opened? Is it a one-way door or can you return the same way? Does it require a key? Can anyone open it? Is a secret door, concealed behind a bookcase or a map or a painting? Is the door in the ceiling or the floor or other unusual place?

What does your character feel going through the door?

Photo: Unknown
Photo: Unknown
David Cuartielles on Flickr.
History’s Portal by Brandon Donnelly on Flickr.
Matt on Flickr.
A photo I took in Cambodia.
Photo: Unknown
Sergey Aleshchenko on Flickr.
Photo: Unknown
Photo: Unknown.

I hope these photos open up some possibilities for you.

Keep writing and keep imagining,

9 thoughts on “Friday Photo Prompts: Doorways

  1. Wow they were some pretty amazing door pictures. How are you? Still covid hibernating with mum, likewise I’m at home. We take a walk about the area most evening and if the day is good I run a motorcycle.


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    1. Thanks so much! I love Cambodia! The Khmer people are so warm and resilient. And the country is so gorgeous, so much natural beauty mostly unspoiled by tourism. It’s also a very poor country and a country that has suffered major genocides and brutality under horrible leaders and under other country’s rule.

      It’s a very complex situation I can’t hope to entirely understand as a tourist, but I try to educate myself when I can.

      I really felt a connection there and will likely go back at some point.

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      1. I’ve always thought it would be an interesting place to visit and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. 🙂 Did you have a favorite part of the country or was it all just wonderful;?


    2. I mostly spent time in Siem Reap and motorbiked some of the surrounding towns. I’ve heard Sihanoukville (while beautiful) has had some issues with assaults, so not great for solo travelers. I was a bit nervous before traveling there myself, but I found a little vigilance goes a long way. I’m also not a big drinker – I’d rather spend my time and money exploring during the day than drinking out at night, so that helped I’m sure.

      I think it would be interesting to visit some of the floating villages, but would look for sustainable tourism options so you know how to best interact with and serve poor communities. Hope this helps!

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