The Dreamy Book Covers Book Tag

Stole this book tag from Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant, who got it from its creator, Tiana @ The Book Raven. Thanks for the tag!



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Here we go…

No Ideas But In Things:

A Book Cover that Perfectly Expresses the Novel Inside of It.

This book has such a dreamy cover. I love the art by Iacopo Bruno, which I think perfectly incorporates elements of the book.

Sugary Sweet:

A Cute Cover that is So Fluffy You Want to Give it a Hug.

I’m not sure if this counts as a “book” or a graphic novel and I waffled between this and I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver…but I really loved the story and illustrations by Alice Oseman in Heartstopper.

Dark and Lovely:

A book cover that is so creepalicious you just want to eat it up.

This cover illustration by artist Tommy Arnold is just…everything! Can you tell how obsessed I am with this book? It’s going to be on all my lists for the next 1,000 years. Can’t wait for the sequel!

The Simple Aesthetic:

A Book that Stuns with the Most Minimalistic of Designs.

Eleanor & Park is an old favorite and its minimalist illustration by Debbie Powell gives it that perfectly-imperfect feeling that the book has.

Cover Envy:  

A Book Cover that You Wish You Had on your Shelf, but Don’t.

This gorgeous book by Lori M. Lee with cover illustration by Charlie Bowater doesn’t release until October of this year, but it’s long been on my preorder list!

Travelling Abroad:

A Book Cover Featuring a Country Outside of Your Own.

One of the first book covers I fell in love with was Kai Meyers The Water Mirror, translated from the original German by Elizabeth D. Crawford. The cover illustration of a magical Venice (complete with toothy mermaid) by Jonathan Viner is deliciously creepy.

The Color Wheel:

A Book Cover that Showcases One of Your Favorite Colors.

Love the lush underwater blues and greens of Anna Dittmann’s cover for Sarah Henning’s Sea Witch.

Switching Gears:

A Cover Change you Absolutely Adore.

Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On redesign by illustrator Kevin Wada is one of the best covers I’ve seen.

* and just for fun, I added a bonus category:

Je Ne Sais Quoi:

Best Foreign Language Book cover.

I’m obsessed with the Swedish cover of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows with illustration by Peter Bergting. What’s your favorite foreign language cover?

And the Winner Is…:

Which Book Cover Mentioned Above is Your Favorite? 

This was so hard to pick, especially since I love them all for different reasons! Forest of Souls is also the only book I haven’t read on this list. But that illustration is really so, so gorgeous!

I tag whoever hasn’t done this book tag!

Which cover is your favorite?

Stay Reading,

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