Love in the Time of Quarantweet

(*Title is a literary pun on Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. *)

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter or Passover and celebrated responsibly (ie: drinking too many mimosas in isolation on a Zoom call with your family or friends).

Every day, my mood wildly vacillates between emotions. Sometimes, I’m quite content to be at home and satisfied with my progress on creative projects. Other days, I’m dying for social interaction. I miss the library. I miss bookstores. I miss eating at restaurants. I miss not mumbling through a mask at people from a safe distance. I miss strolling through public parks. I miss the noise – the sound of church bells and cars and playing kids and airplanes. I even miss work and the opportunities it provided for connection and community.

There’s also the ongoing internal battle between making the best of my free time by being ‘productive’ and the impulse to grieve or rest or zone out. It’s difficult to process the constant stream of information we’re getting on a daily basis and more difficult still to look forward to an uncertain future.

To keep up my sagging spirits up, I’ve rounded up some funny tweets from people stuck in quarantine. Because laughter, as they say, is the sometimes the best medicine.


Hope everyone is doing well. What’s been making you laugh/keeping you sane?

Until next time,

Stay Sane and Healthy,

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