Full Moon Rituals to Set Your 2019 Intentions.

Tonight, if you live in North or South America, you might be lucky enough to witness the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse.  It’s the only visible lunar eclipse of 2019 and a great way to set your intentions for the year.

When to Watch: Beginning at 9:36 PM Eastern time on Sunday night (1/20) and ending 2:48 AM  EST Monday morning (1/21), with its peak around midnight.Where to Watch: Well, outside or from a window seat is best…but if it’s too cloudy or cold, you can watch a live-stream at Slooh Community Observatory or Timeanddate.com.

1. Meditate.

And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains, within the sound of silence. – Simon & Garfunkel.


Setting your intentions is best to do with a clear, open mind. So just for tonight, stash your laptop and phone in favor of communicating face-to-face with friends and loved ones or practicing self-care.  Take a bath.  Apply a face-mask.  Read a book.  Do some writing.  Anything that will get you into an uncluttered head-space.

Tonight’s Moon emits a “relaxed energy” that can help you set goals.  Prepare a quiet space for yourself, free of distractions. Light candles that correspond with your goals. (Green for money, pink or red for love, blue for healing, orange for creativity and yellow for happiness.)

Find a comfortable position and focus on your goal. Picture it happening and send your intention out into the universe.

2. Look to the Chariot.

Oh Chariot, I’m singing out loud, to guide me. Give me your Strength. – Gavin DeGraw


Tonight’s full moon appears in Cancer.  The Chariot tarot is most closely associated with Cancer and represents a fresh start.  If you have a tarot deck, pull the Chariot from your deck.  If not, print one out from the Internet.  Holding the card in your hand or setting it on your yoga mat, meditate on your most prominent goal or New Year’s Resolution for 2019.

Sit in the dark, light some candles and surround yourself with clarifying quartz crystals.

Visualize yourself achieving something you want to achieve in 2019 – finishing a first draft of a novel, finding a romantic partner or traveling somewhere you’ve wanted to travel.  Like the chariot, you’re riding into new territory and the possibilities are endless.

3. Write it Down.

I felt all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd. I felt he’d found my letters and read each one out loud. – The Fugees


Write down your New Year’s Resolutions or goals for 2019 with intent.  I will finish a first draft of my book in 2019.  I will feed myself better foods in 2019.  I will reach spend more time in nature in 2019. 

Make two copies of your resolutions — one to keep and another to ritualistically burn and send into the universe. You can also make a list of things you’re cleansing yourself of from 2018. I’m saying goodbye to toxic relationships in 2019.  I’m saying goodbye to not taking time for self-care in 2019.  I’m saying goodbye to X unhealthy coping mechanism in 2019.

Just remember: Be specific and make these a statement of intent, something you will put effort into making come to pass.

4. Cleanse Your Crystals.

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations. She’s giving me the excitations. – The Beach Boys


New moons are the perfect time to recharge your crystals and cleanse them of past energies.  Place them under the full moon in a bowl of water or salt water or bury them in your yard or in a house plant under the light of the full moon.  It’s also okay to line them up under a window facing the moon.

5. Make a Wish.

I threw a wish in the well. Don’t ask me I’ll never tell. – Carly Rae Jepsen


Wishes might sound a bit like goals.  But wishes are more about luck.  And they are especially potent during a full moon.

Start by washing your hands of impurities.  Envision yourself being bathed in the bright, positive light of the moon.  Write your wish on a piece of paper and picture it coming true.  Use green ink for money, pink or red for love, blue for healing, orange for creativity and yellow for happiness.  You can also light a candle of the corresponding color.

Burn the paper or keep it under your pillow until the next full moon.

6. Store the Power of the Eclipse.

And there’s nothing I can say. A total eclipse of the heart. – Bonnie Tyler


Find a clean, clear jar with a lid.  Fill the jar with water (tap or bottled is fine) and screw on the lid.   Leave your water outside for the entirety of the eclipse and collect it in the morning. You can use this water to anoint crystals, wash your face or add to a bath water or during rituals.

You can also add herbs or oils to boost the potency.

Do you have any full moon rituals?  Will you watch tonight’s full moon?  What are some of your intentions for 2019?

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